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  • 05-08-2019 Lajmerim !
    LAJMERIM: Me hidherim te thelle ju njoftojme se sot, diten e Enjte me 1...More
  • 16-01-2017 Elections
    PUBLIC NOTICE Albanian American Association Election of Officers Sunday,...More
  • 02-11-2016 Insurance Company
    This is Eric Parr, My background in business, taxes, and financial products...More
  • 13-04-2016 LAJMERIM
    LAJMERIM Me hidherim te thelle ju njoftojme se sot diten Merkurre me 13...More
  • 30-10-2015 Festa e flamurit.
    Shoqata Shqiptro- Amerikane e Clevelandit. Me rastin e 103 vjetorit te...More
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Welcome!Albanians Community in Cleveland!

The Albanian-American Association of Cleveland was established in 1998. The association is a voluntary organization for the Albanian-American community and works without any benefit payment to members of Officer (practitioners of tasks). Any incomes will only the purposes and goals of the association.   Read More...

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In the organization participants come from the Albanians of the area north eastern Ohio, regardless of regional origin, religious affiliation, political or professional. But the organization does not restrict participants that are not of Albanian heritage from partaking.

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